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I love this!!

This game is DA BOMB DIGITY DOG! The creaky tree black wolf thing boss battle is so freaky

Hardcore! Ouch! >_<

This game is too hard! Cant level up very much! This game is absolutely harsh!

Online Simulator

This game is amazing. 11/10. But I have a request. Could you please make an online simulator? Me and my sister LOVE your games. They are so fun and realistic. We spend HOURS just playing them. We would really love to see and online thing. Even if its just local, so that we can play together. E.i., (using Ultimate Fox Simulator as an example) for the dens, you would choose which type of fox to be. (Obviously youd have to unlock the different types first) If you chose Fennic Fox, you would start out out in the Dessert Den. All Fennec foxes would be your "friends" and you couldnt attack them. But the Artic Fox and the Red Fox are "enemies" and you can attack them. (And vice versa for the other species ). Taking ideas from Wolf online, there would be a howl button (different from the different growling buttons) When someone "howls" everyone elses button turns to a run button where you will be warped to the person howling. Like any other online game, there would be a chat too. I know this isnt very likely to happen, but I would really love it, and be will to pay more than the typical 1$ for it. Thank you for reading, and PLEASE consider at least making it so people close to each other can play together. I really want to play with my sister. It would mean a lot for us. Thank you again -Echo

Wowow best game ever

I give six stars, here are other games you should make I would really buy them: Lynx sim Ultimate Panther sim Mouse sim Fly sim Bee sim (where you start your beehive) Bear sim Annaconda sim Deer sim Ant sim

More Ulitimate Sims u should make

Ultimate Gryphon Sim, ulti bird sim with any bird of your choice, ulti leopard sim, ulti owl sim and more pllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

Love this game. I cant stop playing, definitely something would recommend to kids and adults. So fun.

Best game ever! Please read!!

Ok so you should add more temping... Like: lower levels for pups/Do more pups/Make more animals...its amazing !! Well..

This is one of the best apps I have! With the new bug fixes and updates, the game stays on track. The animals and run cycles are quite realistic and beautifully designed for an app. I definitely recommend this as the #1 wolf simulation app! I also have a few ideas for an update: Maybe multiplayer with private servers? (Passwords required?) More wolf fur colors, and more biomes? (Mesa, volcano, Rocky Mountain, temple ruins, desert, ect.) That would be AWESOME! Otherwise, a great game!

Best wolf simulator out there

Its worth the money

Hey Gluten, Im here. With problems, and tips

So what Im going to talk about first is Bugs, BUG NUMBER ONE- BATS. Apperently, it is impossible for me to hunt bats, Yes they are a flying creature. But if you think about it, theyre actually quite annoying... I was a big hunter on bats, they were a good meal on Lvl Five, But it just got worse, when level one, bats were REALLY easy!! But... Then they would attack me until the death... My control pad was STUCK.... And the bat killed me.... Now when I walk near bats they automatically attack me.... And I tell the pack to attack.... Then they legit walk away. BUG TWO-PACK SHOVING?? So when there is a big meal, I would start eating it, then My pack of 7 wolves would run to it and make me go flying, then my meal was gone... I told them Home, and they stayed and ate it all... That was rude... BUG THREE- MY PACK WONT OBEY ME- Now this one has a little of Pack Shoving.., as I said, they wont go away when I tell them to... when I was lvl 5 my mate, SilverWing would run after rabbits, and bats, and skunks, and small critters, but, when I had three wolves, when I told them to run after it, they wouldnt...Idk why Now I will talk about tips! Or something you can do to help you,or for fun TIP ONE- How to get the last color pup, (The last level color) Have you ever wanted that certain coat color of wolf? Well you can get it! I tried this and it works, Just keep having puppies, what I mean is, if you get a color of pup you dont like, ban it, then keep having pups., it can take trys, but you can get one eventually TIP TWO- HOW TO HAVE AN EASY BOSS BATTLE. This can work I think with any Boss except the snow one, because its to bumpy In the land, So, you Can do the boss deer for example, I suggest you should have atleast 4 or 5 pack members, so you get its attention, then run.... And run, the pack members will keep biting it, and you keep running, until they kill the boss, its very easy, I havent tried yet with the bear boss, but feel free to. TIP THREE- LEVEL YOUR PUP UP FASTER- So, take the pup, according to how much food you have its easier, atleast have 60 food, it may work with 40, but you keep giving your pack members food, I think it stops working at lvl 10 for your pup, then you have to to out and play as the pup to level up. TIP FOUR-ITS NOT REALLY A TIP!! This is how you get rainbow colored food, you have to have a wolf with all of the smell/tracking stats, so when the prey turns into heat vision, you quickly have to kill the critter before time runs out, then when you kill it it should be rainbow colored TIP FIVE-HOW TO GET PACK MEMBERS EASY. So go to the Dire Wolf Area, if you have slots where you need wolves, but cant find any, go to the dire wolf area, just watch out for him, he is extremely strong!! So get the wolf you want and there! New pack member TIP SIX-HOW TO KNOW WHAT LEVEL WOLF YOUR FIGHTING!! If you have an open slot, do you ever see the high or low numbers, that can indicate what level the wolf you are fighting is. If you see a high level, you can bond with that wolf, and have that level and unlock a new wolf color!! Thank you, Jada807

Awesome game!!

Its a really cool game but maybe in an update you can add a bigger map because its a but small. Also bigger dens would be better because for cubs you can only be in the dens.

Burying the dead/GLITCHY!!!

I think that there should be an update where you can bury your kills instead of dragging them around everywhere. And it is really laggy, so if you could fix it than it would be great! I cant even walk out of my den without it freezing!!!!

I need to record this! But its great great great!!!!

I need to record this for my channel on YouTube its gonna be a series but I can find any screen recorders... So can you play add a record like fox simulator?


i enjoy playing this game there a few bugs that i wish could be fixed but despite that i still like this game


I Really Love This Game And Recommend It To Anyone Who Likes Wolves, This Game Is So Worth The Money And You Dont Need Internet To Play Either... I Honestly Love This Game So Much And Look Forward To Future Updates And Keep Up The Great Work!!

The first ultimate simulator

I still remember when I first got this game the forest was still snowy and the lag was crazy but with the bug fixes it is now pretty decent the pups are cute but everyone and a while your wolves will randomly fall through the ground and get stuck in the side of a mountain then fall in water

Great game! But...

May you please make some of your awesome games free? You dont have to but at least try? Although this game is awesome and worth the money (:

Could be better

This is by far one of the best wolf sims made for the App Store.. BUT, do we really have to play until level 60 to unlock special colors, added abilities, and wolves? Ive been playing for sooo long and Im only on level 20 lol. Plus could you make it so you can delete your starter wolf? Some of my other wolves are a much higher level and my starter wolf is like a burden because I cant delete him and I need space. Also, when you drag your prey around, its sooo slow... If you can fix these things I will for SURE give it five stars... But for now I think three is appropriate

Ultimate Cat Simulator Ideas

There could be generations and hybrids of different cat breeds. And there would be ages for the cats. You would need to be Age 10 to breed cats. Cats would die out at Age 150. There could also be a Family Tree setting for each cat. You can make their fur fluffy, straight, etc. And you can add their eye color!


I love this game!! But I cant seem to find any other wolves! Help?

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