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too many bug

too many bug


Im happy that the wolf simulator is now better :3 Im actually a big fan of foxes and i wish you could do the same with fox simulator ^w^ Thx ~

Ultimate Macaw Simulator?

I love this game! Is so cool! But, can you make a ultimate macaw simulator, please? I gonna buy it! Thanks!

Not very good

- map shows wrong things - animals seem to be dead until you come near - some trees fly in the air - in some places you fall through the bottom - landscape loades very slowly - please do that you can add 2 or 3 wolves more in lvl. 20! Please fix these bugs then i will rate 5 stars. Until now I have bought every simulator of you, but slowly I expect more!

Good And all But

When I am around another animal it Really glitchy


This would be a five star game if I did not turn it off after 2 minutes of it lagging more than I can handle plz fix.

Love the game

You should make a ultimate fox and a ultimate cougar and why arent there seasons and why dont you have litters of pups but you should totally make seasons love the game


Its a nice game but its really laggy. Update PLEASE!!!!

Hard to control

The games graphics and stats and everything seem like they would be great. The only problem is, its really hard to control the wolf itself. Despite the glitches in it, I prefer wolves online to this game.

Question Mark

Not sure where all the good reviews come from, maybe they a friends of the developers because I just dont see it. I was writing this review only to suggest that work be done on the gameplay... But I must be completely wrong; according to the reviews the games fine. I just dont do it. Sorry :(

Waste of time!

I was so excited to play this game and it wont even load... The wolf just sits there and its really really glitchy and slow, changing the game qaulity isnt helping either... Please fix this.


Best wolf sim Ive seen. Please make an ultimate fox sim as well! Thatd be awesome!

Omg Great!!!

Tell your friends this game is great and they should get it now if you love wolfs

Best simulator ever

This game gives me hours of enjoyment, the glitches kind of mess it up, but only in a funny way

Great app

So awesome I love wolves and the game looks so real

Please add another game.

I love this game but could you PPLLEEAAEE add an Ultimate Deer Simulator, Thank-you


I really like this game! However, as usual, I have a few things I think the game could benefit from. 1. Being able to control the rankings, so you could have yourself as leader, or another wolf, and an omega of your choice, and so on. 2. I would like to be able to have more wolves in my pack, instead of waiting like 20 levels for 1. 3. Fights break out at feeding time. Now for bugs, Prey comes back to life, usually bobcats, if I have more then one in my den, If I jump off a tall place, my wolf sinks through the ground and lands under the map in endless water so I have to restart. My pack mates dont regain health, and Im pretty sure thats not supposed to happen I havent had any lag, but the comments say thats a problem sooo... This was incredibly long, I hope you take the time to read it. Also, it would be nice if you didnt have to pay for an "ultimate" version and just update the old one.

Wolf sim

I love this ultimate mostly because I like how the setting is in a forest and ur a forest animal (unlike lion dragon and dinosaur) and I want to see more simulators like it

Need more ulitmate sim games

Hi, gluten free games! I was wondering if u could add more ultimate simulator games! Bc, lots of people have been requesting more ulti-sim games! Here are some examples: ultimate lynx sim, ultimate bunny sim, ultimate deer sim ( dont mess up the look, or i will not play it! ) and yeah, i would really like it if u cloud do that! Thanx gluten free games! :3

Im a gamer

Im a gamer of death but when my friends told me about I said no way but I still tried it and now Im addictive to the game

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