Ultimate Wolf Simulator App Bewertungen


Es ist mega aber es ruckelt stendick und die Tiere stecken manchmal im boden fest. Aber wenn das weg ist ist es cool und es ist auch noch besser wenn man seine eigene höhle graben könnte sonst

Gut aber

Das Spiel ist super aber es bleibt immer stecken und beim Rennen bewegt sich der wolf nicht aber ich kann trotzdem meine Position änder wenn diese Sachen behoben sind und das Spiel sich flüssig spielen lässt gibt es auch 5



Macht spaß!

Echt super und toll! !!!!!!


Ich empfehle die App nicht weiter, sie bleibt nur hängen! Aber wen das Problem weg ist, ist auch die schlechte Bewertung weg


Ich habe jetzt ein neues Handy und mir das Spiel auch nochmal heruntergeladen. Das Spiel funktioniert anscheinend auf ,,besseren" Handys flüssiger wie ich festgestellt habe da es auf meinem iPhone 4 nicht gut funktioniert hatte, aber da es jetzt funktioniert bin ich sehr froh darüber . Trotzdem fehlt mir noch irgendetwas und das Spiel wird nach einer Weile langweilig . Ich hoffe das es irgendwann mal wieder ein Update und damit auch neue Sachen gibt. Alles in einem würde ich die App weiter empfehlen da sie sehr interessant und auch mal etwas Neues ist ;).

Luvvvvvvvvvvvvv this!!!!

I luv this game sooo much. But sometimes it makes me swim in water, when I’m supposed to be on land!!! Plz fix that, luv this!!


I❤️the game,but how do you have pups?❤️🐺sim

Add more stuff🐺

I want you to add more stuff to the game because it need more animals and land because it feels still empty . List of more stuff for the game -more animals🐾 -more wolf skins 🐺 -more kinds of land / add water lands💦 -a few more islands 🌴 around the main island -more other dens on new islands 🌴 -last step is to make this come true This can boost your amount of people can join this game to make it 5 out of 5. Please do this please 🐺🐺🐺🐾🐾

A problem but I love the game

Here’s my problem when I see a wolf I run at it to bond but I fight but it doesn’t show when there at 50% health. And it’s supposed to show howl and growl but it doesn’t it frustrates me a lot but I love the game so with that problem I can’t have a pack or pups can you reply back and tell me how to fix my problem if you do Thank you


These reviews are all fake. Like who would give freaking a paragraph long review on just a game. FAKE


Ok I have to say it’s way better than those other wolf sims


It needs updates, there should be more then one animal to play as you should be able to be a deer and bear, please please please make it multiplayer! Please thx some some much if you do!


I love this game and everything, but can finally getting a pack and laughing at your pups because they're so adorable not take a year? It took me several months to get a single pup, let alone a entire PACK! Maybe you can turn your simulators into RPG games and have a simulator at the same time.. Like SAO DM (forgot name xd ) where the characters perform actions while commonly you have to play what the character does, sorta like that. Because it's very difficult to find a home, get pups, find a mate, etc.


There should be more dens, and you should be able to mark your territory, and patrol it to keep it safe from enemy wolf packs and other dangers. You should be able to have more wolves in your pack too, instead of just six. There should be more colors of wolves too. And my last suggestion is there should be Multi player mode, where you can play with friends and raise pups and stuff! Please think about these and thanks for creating this game!

Super fun!!

This game is amazing it's so realistic and fun. It's probably the best gluten free simulator game! DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR MONEY

So awesome!

This is so awesome! And it isn’t just running around and killing things this is how the pack starts! First buy the game Your a lone wolf at the start you fight for prey as you get used to it You leveled up and somehow found a den You look around and find a wolf you like and you howl three times and they are part of pack You reach Level 15 when breed and your member just became your wife And you have a pup then you bring food to the den and let your wolfs eat You find a larger den because your having more than one pup You reach level 25 that’s when it gets harder and harder ( wolf life is hard so basically the hard part is Normal) Then you have two pups wandering around! Level 35 you get older Your first pup is a teen and learns to hunt and swim and stuff You have a third pup who is deaf and blind like the other pups when they were first born ( that’s a fact ) And your pups leave if you want them to live their life my kicking them out of the clan or they have family that stays Then level 45 have two pups and one teen running around and wandering out of your den ( get it’s harder and harder and harder) but your adult used to be your pup helps you! 55 one another teen running around The Place and you get bored But you didn’t forget that you have a family to take care of! You get out of yo good old den and look for prey super fast And you get some prey and your whole family eats Also if your mad get off the app or your device you might madly delete the game and your whole family! Add these things Can make plans with your wolf like you go there and go over here so you can back me up when I’m low health When your not hungry you legit don’t have to eat so your other wolfs can like they eat what you catched if your hungry join in! Able to dig and bury And can you show us the wolf breeding?? Howl is great but when you howl all the wolfs that howl with you tele to you if you get lost and need help with a bear or some big thing you can’t fight alone Add more graphics ( might help )

I ❤️❤️❤️ this game.

This is a great game! Plz make more as great as this!👏👏👏👏


It's amazing and it doesn't lag but you guys need to fix your other games so they won't lag either.

To Glunten Free

You inspired me to play your games I love your games

Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG SO GREAT!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Me = animal lover + this game😶😯😳😱😵!

Alright so this game is totally worth the $0.99! I'm an animal lover and all so yeah. I think this is amazing 😉! Reasons, suggestions, and problems,.!: Reasons (y it's so amazing!) Amazing graphics, sound effects, insanely looks like the real world 🌎 (sort of😅). You can actually have a whole pack, name them, play as them and when you give birth I found a really cool thing u should try! This is how: Once your on the right lvl, touch the breed button. Then a new cub is born! Now, what I love to do is if I'm not on the lvl to get a certain color fur, I release the cub and breed another one. Keep doing that over and over and over AND over again UNTIL!, you breed the cub with the color fur u want😁! Keep playing as that cub, lvl up, hunt and you'll soon be the leader😉! Now for my suggestions!,: Ok so I was thinking ever since me and my sis got this app, we rlly wanted it to be a multiplayer. Now instead of a worldwide app were everybody playing the game can battle, how about it's only like in the same house or room. So it's just us. (Just to be on the safe side😉) so maybe like we have to enter someone else's code (same room) or maybe push a button at the same time? Cuz me and my sis rlly wanna battle. She thinks she'll win, but she's only on lvl 108🤣! And I'm on lvl 118! HA! Booya! Well, it's totally up to you guys (Gluten Free) to make that decision😋. 2nd suggestion: so say your fighting a boss and you can't take much more and your out of energy, maybe add in an escape button which teleports you right back to your den so you can heal. That would be great. 👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻! (For beginners) Now for problems!,.: Ok so idk if this is for everyone or it's just me but when I'm headed toward the I think it's a walrus boss idk for sure but yeah and I go straight towards him and when I'm on my map, it shows I'm literally under him. Idk if I keep taking the wrong path, or it rlly is a glitch but... I've NEVER fought that boss before and I know it's a walrus becuz I saw it on a video. So yeah. Well!, That's all for now! And plz don't complain about this game being stupid or something cuz it's insane! Gluten-free is doing the best to making this app incredible. Ty for reading! Goodbye everyone!!!!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍😻😻😻❤️🐺✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻👋🏻👋🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💋💋🤑😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘 I 😍😘 YOU GUYS (Gluten Free) love love love ❤️ 😻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💑💑💑💑💑💑💏💏💏💏💁🏻👫👫👫👑😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Amazing difference! Now compare it to 🐈 sim..

This is probably the best wolf sim I've ever played that wasn't online. The P.O.V screen was breath taking and it was almost real. I hardly seen any major glitches or other major problems. I thought the graphics were good for a Sim. The night time sky was really beautiful and the weather changes. It takes a long time to upgrade though. Sadly, if you compare it to your new games like.. Cat sim or dog sim then there are plenty of bugs that I can spot out and on P.O.V for dog sim all it shows is the ocean. Cat sim P.O.V was nothing close to real. Wolf sim was more real and felt nice. I wish you could make it more like Wolf Sim. Thank you for reading.

Love the game but let’s face it

I love the game I play it every day, but there is only like two habitats, and there should be like horses and farms. I think I would have put five stars but I am having problems with attacking, like sometimes I am fighting and then I can’t! There should be an update because of that stuff and, another thing, you don’t have an thing like when you need water or food you die. Love it, but needs work.🐺 oh I forgot! YOU DON’T HAVE AN UPDATE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE LIKE 4 puppies at a time. Bye, again I LOVE IT!

Good game

I love the game and how you can customize your wolf and name it. I just wish you could be more able to kill enemies and get experience (exp) I wish it could be easier to navigate and more like UltCatSim where you can control your POV on the right screen side and it will move your car so you’re not completely dependent on the walk control. Please fix this and make it easier to get to the question marks I really like them. Thanks.


I love your games so much! But I would like if it was possible to pay another 0.99 cents for cheats? I just really want to level up fast, because then it would be more fun in my opinion. Please consider this because some of your games are pretty boring because it takes too long to level up. Thanks!😘

Wolven one

This game is really a stunning piece of pixels. I love playing it over and over again, one thing that would really be cool though is if it was multiplayer, I think this would become the best wolf simulator out their if you could play with other people

Suggestions Please Read

I would like you too get back whale simulator where you do tricks and get XP.... Make a Warriors Cat game where you pick a clan Like Shadow Clan, River Clan, Thunder Clan, or Wind Clan.You can pick to be the leader if you be leader you have to make a rock where the leader sits. If you are leader you will have to defend the clan (of any clan of your choice). There will be a High Rock where all the clans come together and either make rules or get peace. The leader name for example they’re last name has to be Star. Like Blue Star or Wind Star ( any first name is possible). Now for the queens. The queen is the she cats who take care of the kits (kittens). They will have to protect the kits with there lives. Here are the choices if you are NOT a queen or the leader, Youngest are KITS, Middle are Apps , the next is A warrior. If you are a kit your name will have to end with kit for example: Ivy Kit. If you are a app you name will have to end with paw, for example: Firepaw. If you are a warrior any name like WhiteStorm, IvyLeaf, GrayWing, any name for example for the endings: Wing,Holly,Storm,Heart,Berry,Blossom,Bee,Bracken,Branch,Brook,Burr,Breeze,Blaze,Bird,Briar,Bright and more are the suffixes. Prefixes: Acorn,Adder,Alder,Amber,Ant,Apple,Ash,Ashen,Aspen,Badger,Bark,Bat,Bee,Beech,Beetle,Berry,Birch,Bird,Black,Blaze,Blizzard,Blue,Blossom,Boulder,Bracken,Bramble,Briar,Bright,Brindle,Brook,Buzzard,Bumble,Burnet,Carp,Cedar,Cherry,Chesnut,Cinder,Clay,Cloud,Clover,Crow,Creek,Cricket,Curl,Curly,Chive,Daisy,Dapple,Dark,Dawn,Dandelion,Deer,Dew,Dewy,Doe,Dove,Drift,Drizzle,Duck,Dusk,Dust,Eagle,Ebony,Echo and may more. if any cat dies, They go to StarClan the clouds and Stars.

I love it but

I have a question, wouldn't drinking water GIVE you energy rather than taking it away? Sorry it's just something that bugged me. Logic pls. Anyway other than that I love this game!

I’m kinda mad

When I’m trying to get enemy wolves down to 50 and howl n growl trying to get them to join me it almost never works! Pls make it easier for wolves to join our packs!! 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 Ty

Awesome game!

You did a good job making the game! No adds no lags no glitches and no game crashes. You made your game right!

Best game ever!!!🐕🐕🐕🐕

This game is amazing. I love to beat my enemies. Best game ever.



Small problem

I have a few other simulators from you guys but the problem in this one is the fact that when I try bonding they just kill me and I'm doing what it says to do to bond. Is there any way I'm doing it wrong or is it a glitch please fix this.


If I were you I'd would get this game

It’s okay

It’s really ok because I think you should be able to play the pup and I really think there’s to many levels until you get the pup and mate.😕


This game is so much fun!!!!! I really recommend it. I just love it! You should make a warrior cats simulator where you can start off as a kit in ether thunderclan, riverclan, shadowclan, or windclan, you would explore with the apprentices and when you become one you could show the kits around( apprentices are at least six moons, aka months ). When you become a warrior you would hunt and fight for the clan. If your lucky after the deputy dies, you could be deputy if you've been a warrior longer than 15 levels. If the leader dies you could travel to the moon stone and get nine lives. If you want to be a medicine cat then you could go ask the leader to make you an apprentice again. If your a female you could get a mate and have up to 4 kits( aka kittens). Then when they are apprentices you could decide to have more kits or become a warrior. Sorry for such a long review, I just had a very good idea. But wolf simulator is awesome! If your looking at this now, get wolf simulator!

Another name for baby wolf is cub whelp child

It could replace pup.Pup is bat


Great Game but please fix when your wolf dies it sometimes glitches and Glitches Out And Your Wolves Get Stuck In The Walls And Also What's Up With Not Being Able To Delet The Other Save Files ☹️


It’ll be the perfect game for our entertainment!👌🏻

I apologize for the threat.

Title says all.but..but..but.. (sniffles) I..I..I (goes total sad baby) WAAAAAHHHH!! I JUST EXPECTED SO MUCH MORE FROM YOU!!! LIKE SEPARATE ISLANDS AND-WAAAAHHH-AND MORE DENS AND BOSSES! I’M A REAL BIG FAN OF FIGHTING BOSSES NOW!!!WAAAAAHHHH!!! (leaves room but loud crying can still be heard) WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Love sims but..... (MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love simulators, there my life. But the bosses are to creepy, in the ultimate simulators. I don’t like how they just suddenly turn up out of no where. I mean there fun and all but, can you not make them 100 times bigger then you? Thank you if you could fix that. By the way, the boss places are way to big, dark and creepy and it is SO easy to die, I mean like so easy that you can’t even hunt for things, then you starve, then you die. If you could make it a LITTLE bit easier, I’m good with that. Thank you! 🐺🐺🐺

Good app 😀 but I have suggestions

This app is amazing 😉! But, unlike all the other simulators this one ☝🏾 does not give you night vision, so my wolves 🐺, Thunderstrike and Hutch have to run 🏃 miles to the den and sleep 😴. Add young adults and more fur colors too. Also, you should make an Ultimate Alpha and omega simulator where you can play as Kate, Humphrey, Hutch, Winston, Tony, Eve, Mooch, Salty, Can-Do, Garth, Lilly, and all the other characters. Well peeps, that's all for now but I really hope you can have TWO PUPPY 🐶 LITTERS!!!!!!!!!!! Also once I was chasing a buck and it was super glitchey.

Make Ultimate Hamster pls!!!

I really would like an Ultimate hamster because I love hamsters. I would really like it if you made a Ultimate Hamster!! 😁


There graphics are just amazing I love them I love how you can adjust the camera and that you are free to explore I have always loved there games I highly suggest this game to others

Awesome wolf gammmmmeeeeeee ever

This game is awesome it is that why can't other wolves at level 5 get a wolf pup cause I have a guy or is it just the main wolf that can get pups.Any way awesome game really fun but why can it not be online anyway I love it🐶🐺😍🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Cool game but

It's super cool 😎. I play it a lot when I am bored 😐 always brings my spritz up. It cool 😎. So ya. But I wish there was multiplayer were u play with then my and build powerful clans breed with others and chat. But there should be in the chat if the say something bad like curse there should show **** there's stars. Do it and I will rate this game 5 stars. Thanks 🙏


Ok I think you should make a Ultamate cat sim. Be a tiger, leopard, lion, Sabertooth, cheetah,cave lion, and a snow leopard! Then a farm sim that you can be sheep,cow,horse,chicken, roster, dog, cat,goat, and a fly. You all do different things like if your a sheep a farmer can sheer you then the cow gets milk the roster wakes up the farmer in the morning the dog herds animals the chicken lays eggs and goats milk and farmers ride horses and then the fly bites animals on the farm.

Love it!

This game is soooo great and realistic,as well as fun and challenging. So far,I am on level 21. Thank you gluten free games!


This app is amazing.The game is realistic and very addictive. GET THE APPP NOOWWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWO

Please Read (Help)

I love this game its a good pass time, but my wolf is level 57 now, and its not letting me get another wolf. The icon thats supposed to show up "open spot" isn't showing up (which is supposed to at level 55) I don't know why it's doing that, but I don't want to reinstall it. I've worked to hard to lose all my progress. Can you guys please create an update to fix this.


It's fun it's just I get bored I need more fun it's too old.😜

A little glitchy + a suggestion

The game Ultimate Wolf Simulator is really fun and becoming more powerful is super satisfying but it is hard to do that because the growl button often does not work so you can't bond with other wolves and make a pack. It is EXTREMELY rare to have "growl" working when you are trying to bond. But besides that it is kind of fun. I also think you should make an otter simulator, you could make little squeaky sounds and teach your pups how to swim 😍 That's all I have to say, I hope I was helpful 😘✌️

Great, but i have a few ideas.

Hey. I was just thinking if you could make an Ultimate Dog Simulator, and you could be tamed. Back to what I was going to say. All ult sim Update suggestions I think you should add seasons and bigger families. Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring, Max Family Members: 7-10 And you should add Different Biomes, along with Claiming territory. Wolf sim Updates You should add Biomes and different wolves to suit different biomes (Ex: Forest/Plains/Meadow wolf, Arctic wolf, Desert wolf.)... You should add having to flee to a southern den during winter if your not an Arctic wolf. (Exception, Desert wolf in Desert)

Best game ever

This game is the best gluten free Game ever


I love this game so much and I love all the games u made but there r some difficult things I wished u would be able to have a litter of puppies and not one and plus it glitches but the good part is there is like no ads

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