Ultimate Wolf Simulator App Bewertungen


Es ist mega aber es ruckelt stendick und die Tiere stecken manchmal im boden fest. Aber wenn das weg ist ist es cool und es ist auch noch besser wenn man seine eigene höhle graben könnte sonst

Gut aber

Das Spiel ist super aber es bleibt immer stecken und beim Rennen bewegt sich der wolf nicht aber ich kann trotzdem meine Position änder wenn diese Sachen behoben sind und das Spiel sich flüssig spielen lässt gibt es auch 5



Macht spaß!

Echt super und toll! !!!!!!


Ich empfehle die App nicht weiter, sie bleibt nur hängen! Aber wen das Problem weg ist, ist auch die schlechte Bewertung weg


Ich habe jetzt ein neues Handy und mir das Spiel auch nochmal heruntergeladen. Das Spiel funktioniert anscheinend auf ,,besseren" Handys flüssiger wie ich festgestellt habe da es auf meinem iPhone 4 nicht gut funktioniert hatte, aber da es jetzt funktioniert bin ich sehr froh darüber . Trotzdem fehlt mir noch irgendetwas und das Spiel wird nach einer Weile langweilig . Ich hoffe das es irgendwann mal wieder ein Update und damit auch neue Sachen gibt. Alles in einem würde ich die App weiter empfehlen da sie sehr interessant und auch mal etwas Neues ist ;).

Great simulator!

I love wolves, and my sister recommended this wolf simulator. It’s awesome! 😁 It’s just like life as a wolf is in real life! You can easily find a great den with a waterfall right by it. I love exploring the forest and finding some tasty meat. I love being a wolf, because I’ve always wanted to be one! This simulator is realistic and fun. If you’re looking for a great wolf simulator, I would recommend this one.

More Suggestion for the game😊 (Again)

Hello it’s me again, I just wanted to say more suggestion. First, if you wanted the game be realistic then the pup will have to be newborn what I mean is, so the newborn pup can’t walk it can just crawl, it’s eyes are closed, and it drinks milk from it’s mother than just eating meat right away. (And that’s all I have for now I know it’s short but I will continue the story). Story Time!!! Shadow didn’t say anything. The Dire wolf then spoke again “Then I will find out myself...” He jumps down to see a pup right by Whisper. “Ahh... I see it’s your pup...”, “Why don’t you bring your pup to me”. Shadow finally spoke to the Dire wolf “Why would I just lend you our pup”, The Dire wolf glared at Shadow “Then I will have to kill Whisper”. Shadow suddenly was shocked “No! Don’t!” The Dire wolf narrowed his eyes “Then give me your pup or don’t...”, Shadow was furious “I will think about it now leave!”. The Dire wolf walked away but the turned his head at Shadow “Why don’t you come back to my pack it’s full of strong wolves like you...”, Shadow glared at him “I don’t need to go to your pack I am, already strong then I am so leave!” The Dire wolf looked at Shadow one more time and walked away in the fog. Shadow went back down to sleep with Whisper and his pup. (To Be Continue) (And if you didn’t see the beginning of the story try to find it! 😋).

Ok I like this game but I got one idea

Ok goood game but it would be awesome if u could make a like warrior cat game I’ve beeen loooking for years but a spud then also another idea u should make like a multi animal one with otters and Fish and ooo a monkey then a little blue jay


I’m so confused how do u start a pack how do they pups

Like it but...

It’s rlly an awesome game but I can’t figure out how to start a pack and sometimes when I jump the land lags. But rlly an awesome game. Maybe you could buy wolves with gems for your pack or earn them? Thanks.

Needs some fixes

I really love this game, But I'v been seeing the new ones you've been making. Like the farm animals, when i play that game the wolves look so real! Maybe you could make a new wolf game like you did with the stray dog, and cat. Please make the wolves and environment more realistic. вy Madeleine Rogers😘💪💋

Please make less complex

One, the graphics need some working on and two why is it so complex, also I can’t find anything to hunt. It also should be more of an open world than it is.


I love this game so much!!! I think you should make a Pet Simulator though... but enough of that. This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

This app is great

This game is exciting the rag doll physics is entertaining. The graphics are amazing. All in all this is a great game. I suggest an ultimate squirrel simulator. Just think about.🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿


Just a bad game. Cheaply made garbage, probably bots icing good reviews.

No changes👍🏻

I LOVE this game!! I don’t think there should be a change at all.but I do think they should change the levels to have pups like level 5. And I don’t rlly like that you should have to wait 14 minutes for it to be born. Plz upgrade. Thanks!😋

Wow 😃

Honestly, this is amazing! When I first got this game it was so hard without a mate! But now I have 4 mates, Shredder, Polo, Ellie, and Ivy, and my favorite is Emily witch right now is level, 57! I’ve been playing this for one year now. Keep up the good work, and keep on making more, and more 😄

Best wolf game ever!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Ok, this game is probably one of the most if not the most played game on my phone. Once you get into it, it becomes a completely different game that you thought when you purchased the game. One thing I wish that they would add is more boss battles and some more animals. A bit more customization to the wolves would be nice too. I do wish this game was free but then in app purchases would be needed and I wouldn’t play it anymore most likely. Overall this game is AMAZING!!!! Listen if you do not have this game buy it. It may not seem worth it ( to a crazy person) but trust me you won’t regret it! It’s a small price to pay for this amazing app!


Well I just got it, but it is as good as all the other gluten free games. Meaning I love it

Amazing, but maybe....

I love this game but here are some features to make it even better: 1) when it’s raining, the wolves are “wet” eg; slicked back coats, shiny, fur spiked a bit on belly 2) when you go in water wolves are also wet and when they get out they shake themselves and water flies off 3) snowing= little clumps of white sticking to fur 4) seasons, which influence whether it is raining, snowing, or falling leaves. 5) more sprites, (rarely) animal disabilities (eg; blurry screen for sight problems, or muffled sound for hearing problems).

Doesn’t fit screen on iPhone X but I really love this game

I really really love this game, can you make it compatible with iPhone X plz?

So awesome!

This is so awesome! And it isn’t just running around and killing things this is how the pack starts! First buy the game Your a lone wolf at the start you fight for prey as you get used to it You leveled up and somehow found a den You look around and find a wolf you like and you howl three times and they are part of pack You reach Level 15 when breed and your member just became your wife And you have a pup then you bring food to the den and let your wolfs eat You find a larger den because your having more than one pup You reach level 25 that’s when it gets harder and harder ( wolf life is hard so basically the hard part is Normal) Then you have two pups wandering around! Level 35 you get older Your first pup is a teen and learns to hunt and swim and stuff You have a third pup who is deaf and blind like the other pups when they were first born ( that’s a fact ) And your pups leave if you want them to live their life my kicking them out of the clan or they have family that stays Then level 45 have two pups and one teen running around and wandering out of your den ( get it’s harder and harder and harder) but your adult used to be your pup helps you! 55 one another teen running around The Place and you get bored But you didn’t forget that you have a family to take care of! You get out of yo good old den and look for prey super fast And you get some prey and your whole family eats Also if your mad get off the app or your device you might madly delete the game and your whole family! Add these things Can make plans with your wolf like you go there and go over here so you can back me up when I’m low health When your not hungry you legit don’t have to eat so your other wolfs can like they eat what you catched if your hungry join in! Able to dig and bury And can you show us the wolf breeding?? Howl is great but when you howl all the wolfs that howl with you tele to you if you get lost and need help with a bear or some big thing you can’t fight alone Add more graphics ( might help ) Make it that you can actually talk with your wolfs like your wife A: hey B: hello C: insert a thing here Make it that we can control our genes like say I want a pup to have blue eyes without changing them and some thing would say “change eye color in something days” like my pups have blue eyes when they are newborn the auto thing makes the eyes auto orange when they are a teen the adult red

Great game!

There is just 1 problem... IT DOESNT SAY HOW TO GET PUPS!!! I have multiple wolves but no pups

Like it but

This app is great but I am trying to bond with a wolf but my growl button won’t go! What’s up white that


So go but bigger map and PLEASE multiple player mode. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Please multiplayer please?


Every time I spawn, I’m killed instantly! Don’t play! Absolute click (or tap) bait!


I love this game.I am currently on level twenty one, and I have a problem,you can only get five members of the pack.If you can raise that to fifteen,maybe I will not complain again. And can you please make it so that you can have as many cubs you want.and can you add these suggestions in the next update,please?

Best game ever...but...

So this is the best animal sim I have .but I was reading some of the comments and I agree there should be more dens and a bigger area to rom .Also you should have bigger families. You should make all of your sims like this one. For future animal sims I think you should make a bobcat simulator I think it would be really cool but make it like this one. I have 20 of your animal simulators and this one by far is the best .ps I don’t know if you make all of the sims or not but some of them are really crappy and you and the others can do a lot better than this.


I LOVE THIS! I love wolves, and this company! I find it sooo amazing you can start a pack and play as the pup(but only in the den) and I love how you can howl, keep it up!

Small glitch but otherwise amazing

I absolutely love this game but sometimes I will have almost killed a animal and it will be running away and then it will all of a sudden disappear which is kind of frustrating so please fix this other than that it's great also could you please make it easier to level up on the higher levels it takes me forever and I play this game a lot don't make it too easy but a little easier thank you Also could you maybe make a sneak skill like so that animals can't tell your their and a fast swimmer skill or button when you get in the water Could you also add accessories like scars or armor that would be cool Also when I am chasing a animal and it gets to the water it can run like it’s on land and the animal gets away because I can’t swim fast please fix


Ok I love this game I’m in lev 18 and I have a lev 8 pup and I want more pups and how do u make ur pack bigger I only have my mate me and my daughter plz fix this or at least tell me how to make my pack bigger oh and can u make the map I little bit bigger because I’ve been on every corner on that map and fix the bug so I can have multiple pups PLZZZZZZZZ AND IL UR GAME♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ oh and I almost forgot make it online so u can start a pack and socialize but make sure no hackers no spammers what ever that is and take out bad language like in roblox


I absolutely LOVE your games!! I’m definitely an animal lover and I love all the sims you do!! I dis have an idea on another sim you could possibly make. It could be a lizard sim!! You could play as three different lizards (as in fox sim) like an anole, iguana, and just some gecko!! I would love if you made a sim like that! Please try to make it, i love your games and I think you do a really good job on a lizard simulator!! Please try to make my wish true!! Love your games, bye!! -Vivian

Love it! But fixes please!

Hello! Love this game but something weird happened i was playing and i hit something and then it just CHANGED my wolf and the name and it said Nightclaw and i was on level 3 and i went down to one!!!! I’m so sad and disappointed!!!!! And please WOLVES KEEP ATTACKING YOU! How do you make a friend or just even start a pack!!! And to get a pup please make there be a level that’s a lower number than 15 please!!!! PLEASE help me out on this!!

Great game😄

I like this game.But it needs a few changes.It is so hard to level up.And I want more colors and wolves.And you have to level up to get those things.I still like this game though.By the way I do like cats.I've been hoping you can make a big cat one.It should have a tiger a lion a jaguar and a leopard.You should add a cheetah a lynx a bobcat maybe a African golden cat.Also add my favorite small cat the caracal.I think it should not be harder to level up like this game.Then you can unlock skins family and other big cats.But I know we already have a cat one but I love big cats more than house cats so I decided to make a big cat one.Please do not make it hard or glitchy.

African Wild dog simulator

An African Wild dog has the strongest bite force of any carnivore it is also apart of the canine family and it has the most stamina in the entire animal kingdom and has extra blood cells that kick in when they are on the hunt

MY WOLF IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the graphics they are very good!!!!!! Just please work on the paws plz add the toes on the wolf’s and if your ant please add claws!!!!!

Amazing app! But in 2018...

This app is very amazing and addictive!! It’s fun leveling up and defeating bosses and etc etc. but there is some bugs that Seem to start to make this game be the quality of a free game in 2018. First of all, WHENEVER And practically every time I fight the bear boss my pack members fall through the floor and into the water, I switch to them to continue fighting and I am stuck under land in random water!! And they also spawn outside of the cave, which is annoying. And when I jump down the hill into the dark forest where the dire wolf boss is my members somehow don’t fall and they float and I have to switch to them one at a time to get down!! And when I chase prey the game tends to lag with tiny tiny freezes. I know that when the game was made that was made it wasn’t considered lag but now it is lol 😂 its an amazing game though! I love everything about it accept those tiny tiny bugs! I suggest you buy this though! I think it’s worth the money! Thanks for reading! Oh, and almost all the time when I am fighting another wolf, right when they would have died their health just suddenly regenerates to full health and I die! It’s so annoying! But yeah, good app other then that! Those are literally the ONLY bugs!


I WASTED MY MONEY ITS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD I wish I could get a refund

I love this game

I love playing this game a lot and I like to do role play with it and it’s just a really good game! I give this game a 👍 up

LOVES IT!! But I have a idea!!

THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I totally suggest it to anyone that wants to see the lives of wolves and play as one or more! I love basically everything about it! I wish you could pick up your pups though! I suggest this to everyone 9 and up!!!! ~FeatherTail


I was expecting it to be better because the graphics for me wasn’t good and plus I wasted my money on this and pls reply because I need this company or whatever to fix the graphics.

😰 I hope I’m not bragging btw I love fantasy wolves

so I have been requesting for a flying wolf and I....... just PLZZZZZZZ! I hope I’m not bragging about it so... do everything else first and then mine so I also think we should have a ELECTRIC FIRE and invisibility and ELAMENTEL one pls add requests and tell me if you agree. p.s love the game!!!!!

It’s okay

Iove the game but it needs more. For starters you need the option of being able to be a zoo wolf or a wild wolf and if you play as a pup you need to let the adults carry,feed,groom e.t.c and you also need the option of being born in the game but other than that it’s great I hope u includ my suggestions for the next update thanks.

Ok so my game wouldn’t load for days

So I don’t know if you can fix this or it’s problem with my iPAd but it won’t load for days if you can fix this please do thank I for your time😀

Hey Gluten, I'm here. With problems, and tips

To know you can be a wolf is amazing. (JK. I favor dinosaurs) PROS: - You get the experience of surviving and finding a pack. - there is hunting, carrying, dragging, etc. - certain abilities. - about 8 colors for wolves. - different areas - boss battles CONS: It has a few bugs. I see flying trees Some objects just fly into the air There isn't a lot of colors for wolves It's kinda like WolfQuest. Prey is faster than the wolf itself Pups cannot exit den alone. *The Game Is Great, but it needs updates


This game is a little hard to play...... :X ummmm its good game tho :). I like that it is realistic tho🙂 Don't get me wrong plz this game is cute! 💙❤️💚🖤💗💓💖💞💞💝❣️😁

Epic!!!!! Deserves all five (5) stars!!!! Would give more!!!!!

I love this game it is awesome! Here are my suggestions: Very rarely you will either find or breed a wolf that has powers. What kind of powers is up to the developers (or you, if you are one). Your starter wolf or first pack member cannot have powers. Also, mud! After it rains some areas will have mud puddles that will go away 2 minutes after it stops raining. If you step in a mud puddle or lie down in one, you must either find a clean puddle, a river, or if you sleep, when you wake up the mud on you will be lighter and this means it has dried. As soon as start walking and/or running with the dried mud on you, it will fall off and u will be clean. Also, please make it where u can customize the size of body parts and add more furs/skins. Plz add bigger packs and pack emblems. A pack would be made up of at least 6 wolves. 1 healer wolf, 3 warrior wolves, the alpha (player), and a deputy wolf. Deputy wolf will command the pack in player’s absence or if the player’s wolf dies/ is injured so bad it is almost fatal. Healer wolf’s den will have 6 nest/places to sleep and various leaves, branches, barks, berries, and vials of extract on shelves. Ok Im almost done just 1 more thing. A new boss! The boss’s name is Hrah’lagur. He is the king of dead wolves and he only appears when you reach the last level of the game. If you and your pack manage to kill him, all of your wolves instantly have access to everything and u get to live in a palace if u want to. Ok that’s all. Goodbye!

More plz

Seasons. Birth dates. Waiting a certain amount of days for our wolves o lvl up. Biomes. Multiplayer

Remake this game please.

It has so much potential for the game that it is. I love it so much but it’s so.. buggy. It’s honestly really annoying, please add more and remake this amazing game. Thank you.


Summer, a full grown female outcast of her old clan, Lamsar Clan, padded next to her mate, Coshem. Soon to be delivered are Summers kits. As Coshem and Summer walked gingerly away from there old clan, Hail came down so hard that Summer had to crouch down when she walked. Clearly seeing her pain, Coshem hurriedly rushed to find an den. A cave was spotted ahead, but it was filled with rats. At least ten. But still, Coshem desperately fought off the rats, and soon there was only two left. Summer went into the den. ONE MONTH LATER Summer smiled at her two kits, Lamar and Ochar, both twins, but cringed looking at Ochar, who looked more like the dead Coshem. Lamar was white with a diamond spot right between her eyes, so pity she would never see it. Ochar was black with a white breast. Lamar was male, so was Ochar. The sparkling moon arose, blinding out the sun and forcing it to go down. Summer howled at the moon, hoping someday Coshem would come back. Summer fell asleep, but when she woke up, her kits were gone!!! PART TWO: LAMAR Lamar padded happily next to Ochar. Mom was just... to loud howling at the moon for some unknown reason. I mean, what could be so tragic, or was it just a wolf thing? Ochar and Lamar decided to run away from mom. Who needed her anyway? All she did was sleep and play with us, but we can play together. And then there was a problem. Food. Ochar was so busy walking he didn’t even care which way is which, he just kept making random turns. Then, a whole *gang* of wolves stalked up to them. Lamar knew that these wolves where bad news. Ochar stomped right past them, and the wolves cocked there heads. They weren’t wolves, Lamar realized. They were hyenas. PART THREE: OCHAR Ochar didn’t care about these wolves. They were none of his business, and they shouldn’t be in his. But once the *wolves* howled, Ochar realized they weren’t wolves. They were hyenas. No biggy. Just *follow Ochar, because he was sooo smart!* But the hyenas gave chase. And Lamar and Ochar got split up. FOUR MONTHS LATER: Summer bumped into a wolf. It was black with a diamond in between its eyes- OMIGOSH! Summer yelped. It was Ochar. Soon Summer found Lamar. Then summer died 😢. But Lamar and Ochar had kits, Lamars kits: He had two, both white. Ochar kits: He had two, Black with white splotches. Lamars names: Snow and Ice. Ochars kits names: Splotches and DappledMoss. STAY TUNED FOR MORE! I HAVE A STORY ON THE TRAIL, TOO!

One little suggestion

It's a great game but I would love it if you could add a little thing - could pack mates carry one piece of meat and you carry the other if more than two things are killed at the same time? Thanks!

Great game just 2 more features

Please add the slo mo pounce and night vision to the next update it would really intensify the gameplay please


If I were you I'd wouldn’t have this app

I want it to come

Prehistoric simulator I want it to be here I keep asking plzz don't make Arctic simulator first make it after prehistoric simulator I really want prehistoric Sim to come and keep saying it everywhere on gluten free games I'm sure it will be awesome if you make it and I will give 5 stars and a awesome review also plzz make it come on February 4th or anything before February 10th so plzz make it and I think I know what animals can be It 1. Sabertooth 2. Mammoth 3. Giant sloth and you can check them on other Sims like Savannah Sim and other ones that's all Ive have to say and keep up the good work.

Get XP from killing boss

You no how you get XP from eating why can’t you get XP from killing bosses too like that would be great so you can get a pack faster and if you get a pack faster you will hunt better Love wolfgirl

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