Ultimate Wolf Simulator App Bewertungen


Es ist mega aber es ruckelt stendick und die Tiere stecken manchmal im boden fest. Aber wenn das weg ist ist es cool und es ist auch noch besser wenn man seine eigene höhle graben könnte sonst

Gut aber

Das Spiel ist super aber es bleibt immer stecken und beim Rennen bewegt sich der wolf nicht aber ich kann trotzdem meine Position änder wenn diese Sachen behoben sind und das Spiel sich flüssig spielen lässt gibt es auch 5



Macht spaß!

Echt super und toll! !!!!!!


Ich empfehle die App nicht weiter, sie bleibt nur hängen! Aber wen das Problem weg ist, ist auch die schlechte Bewertung weg


Ich habe jetzt ein neues Handy und mir das Spiel auch nochmal heruntergeladen. Das Spiel funktioniert anscheinend auf ,,besseren" Handys flüssiger wie ich festgestellt habe da es auf meinem iPhone 4 nicht gut funktioniert hatte, aber da es jetzt funktioniert bin ich sehr froh darüber . Trotzdem fehlt mir noch irgendetwas und das Spiel wird nach einer Weile langweilig . Ich hoffe das es irgendwann mal wieder ein Update und damit auch neue Sachen gibt. Alles in einem würde ich die App weiter empfehlen da sie sehr interessant und auch mal etwas Neues ist ;).

Good game but...

I downloaded this game yesterday, and I got to level 5 today and I gave an opinion to open under my wolf I kept pressing it but nothing happened. Besides that it’s a good game.


There should be more dens, and you should be able to mark your territory, and patrol it to keep it safe from enemy wolf packs and other dangers. You should be able to have more wolves in your pack too, instead of just six. There should be more colors of wolves too. And my last suggestion is there should be Multi player mode, where you can play with friends and raise pups and stuff! Please think about these and thanks for creating this game! Edit: more suggestion ideas Other packs should also have a leader and an omega, and pups. So enemy wolves with pups are more aggressive. Also other packs should attack you and you should have to defend your territory.


So, I have this on my other device. And it really good. But do you think you could make a part where you can play with other people. And if you did that please add a chat system. Really a good game. Also, can you add whines and limping sounds to prey? And for predators they roar? Or am I just stupid and you added that already. Thanks!

READ ME!!♥️❤️♥️😍❤️

Okay! I love this game but,I don’t know how to get more wolfs. 😒

Make more updates please

Make more updates please if you do I will play the game way more and pay for more of your games

Some Possible Adjustments?

Well first off this is a good game, Great point of view and it’s kinda interesting but there should be More Types of Quests you can do like in your Ultimate Dragon Simulator Game. The levels are kinda harder to achieve when you can’t play as much and it makes the game seem hopeless and to just give up playing entirely. The Dens glitch sometimes and the den near the waterfall, my pack can’t get in they wait on the top or fall through the map. The map seems kinda small and not like a complete forest terrain. This is it for now, I might edit this again with more things I came across. Please try to fix some of these things. Thanks!

Monkey simulator

Pls make a monkey simulator I know u would make it great like the rest of ur games


Please make a wildebeest sim and an ant 🐜 sim

More ideas +wolf story !!!!

Okay GFG I love ALL of your games . You did a amazing job . All I can say is keep up the good work!!!!! Ideas :make pups learn to swim first . In the game the pup already knew how to swim . Wolf parents teach there pups how to swim first . 2# I also noticed that the pup doesn’t drink milk from its mother. Wolves are mammals. Baby mammals drink milk from mother. This pup eats meat right away . Unrealistic . Also pleeeeaaaaassseee add multiplayer !! Do not Make a warrior cat simulator !!! I read some reviews , and they all seem to want a warrior cat sim. No just no if you make one I will make this 1 star ! Plus I will NEVER download ANY of your games . Thank you for your cooperation STORYTIME!!!!!! : wolves . In the moonlight a family of wolves were sleeping . Out of no where a jet black wolf with fierce bloody red eyes bit the mother named flower . Flower was white and had light blue eyes . Who’s there “barked flower. “Me “ the black wolf named dark . Flower gasped at dark . There was rumors about this deadly wolf everywhere he went :kill. “Kill your pups or I will kill you “dark said .”I will never kill rose and petal “snapped flower. Rose and Petal were black and white with dark blue eyes . “Well then sure raid a farm get killed by farmer I’m more deadly then farmers u know “dark said . Flower growled at dark. “I already made my choice I’m not killing neither rose or petal . “ Or I will call my whole pack you just have a little family . ” Said dark . Flower heard a call from darks pack . “A pup is born ! Dark ! Come back ! “ Dark growled at flower and ran away . Phew thought flower . Over the years flower grew a pack and became stronger everyday . Flower never saw dark again and lived happily raising pups and lived in peace in the beautiful forest . The end .

Please Update

I Rarely love the but I want you to get More Wolf Skins and And more Actions like Sit and Stuff


Not very realistic but since I am obsessed with wolves I guess it will do but we need a update

Great and amazing game! Just one suggestion?

I totally fell in love with this game. It’s really fur rising and it makes you want to do the most possible to get and have an amazing pack! Just one suggestion, M U L T I P L A Y E R I think this game would be even better with multiplayer! If you ever actually add this, please add a chat! Most multiplayer games don’t have a chat, which kind of kills the multiplayer thing? I don’t know, but it would be great if you added this! (Also, if your wondering why my nickname is “lovely Island” it’s because it is my YouTube channel ^^)

Best Game Ever!!!!

This game is the best wolf game ever!I think it would be even better if there was a map where you could play with other people and have a pack with them too!Also could you make the female wolves not lift there leg to mark territory and great work with this game keep up the good work:)

A few more things please

Thank you so much for creating this game. I just need a few things added. 1. More dens. I would love more dens! My wolf could explore new dens and have more fun! 2. Maybe more places. Like a canyon! A jungle or, you can even add a gorilla lol! 3. More fur. I love wolves, they are my favorite animals so can you please add more fur patterns. 4. In the arctic can you add a lake? I want to be an arctic wolf, but there is no water. There are puddles, but they are hard to find 5. I know, this has the largest land you have made but, can you add more land? 6. Can you please add an island? I think it would be fun 7. Can you add more wolf slots? I need more wolves! Please make more wolf slots and levels! 8. This is by far the best game I have ever gotten! 9. Can you add other sounds? Every wolf has different howls and growles. 10. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A MULTIPLAYER!!!! I WILL STOP PLAYING!!! This is my favorite game, if you make a multiplayer I will rate one star. Please I beg of you, do not make a multiplayer! 11. Please add more buttons. Like sit, and rollover 12. Can you make a dig button? You can dig and bury your prey by your house!

An update plez

Can you make it where there is a multiplayer server and just make a single player server thx for reading


This game is what I Over expected. So realistic and fun! It’s attractive to me! Probably the best wolf game I’ve ever played :) 5 stars Bcz the game deserves it. I’ve defeated only 1 boss which is the elk. That’s because I can’t find the bear and the panther or wolf thingy with the red eyes is kinda hard. But I’m in love! L O V E 😘




I just LOVE this game but I have ideas to make it even better. I would really like it if you expanded the world and can add more wolfs to your pack.Or even other skills like training or swimming to be taught. I would also love there to be a prego dog look when breeding and a swimming animation. Or even be able to fight against other wolf packs and assign ranks to your other wolves like Alpha,Beta,Omega,Sigma, or even Pup. This app is so addicting and I hope my ideas happen.


Hello I’m a fan of gluten free games and I think that they are amazing! My first gluten free game was the stray dog sim and I feel like they updated that to ultimate dog sim. Also I have some suggestions for this game now I know your closing your company but please do this before you completely close the company.1: please have where there is at least one or two new dens. 2:Also add hunters that try to track you down and try to hunt you! Then you have to protect the pups and stuff. 3: please add it to where you can have up to 3 wolf pups like a litter! And you and your mate must protect and hunt for them! (Also keep them safe from hunters) 4: please add it where you can find some kind of pioneer village and they capture you and your pack then you must break free and return to the woods! Any way please think about my suggestions and bye and love your games! - A loving fan. ❤️

Awesome app but here are some suggestions

I love this app I really cannot hate this game but here is 1 suggestion please please make the fur more realistic please. I am a 9 year old don’t judge me lol 😂.

I definitely recommend!

This is overall an amazing, fun game. I do have a suggestion though. I would be nice you could make ranks like Alpha, Beta, hunter, omega,.. etc. And it is to hard to get a lot of wolves in you pack, so I thought every 5 lvls up to 40 you could add a wolf to the pack. And it would be cool if you could change the color of the wolf’s eyes. I like the black wolf, but I don’t like the green eyes. Thanks for reading!


I love this app but the problem it that in the deer boss battle I can't move. This might just be me but I get really mad because my lazy wold sits right down in a battle and I end up losing my wolf. So I have to bey other wolf. Also there's no life around you. I can't find any food so I end up dying

Read this please! Includes wolf story!!!

I love this game! It’s awesome! I love that you can customize your wolves. And you can have lots of wolves! They don’t have to be the same color, or same name. I don’t like that it glitches. Sometimes they are bad glitches, and sometimes funny ones. You probably don’t get what I mean when I say “Sometimes there are funny glitches.” It’s like sometimes animals get stuck in the ground. That’s a FUNNY glitch. Overall I like the game. It’s cool that you can survive in the wild. Bye guys! (Or girls!). Yes! I made a story ! Buddy came in his den. He saw a died rabbit on his floor. “Who’s rabbit is this?” He said to himself. It looked absolutely about 4 days old. It had flys swarming around it. Soon his mate Shelia came in. “ Eww! Did you bring in that died rabbit!?” Shelia asked buddy. Buddy glared. Shelia now knew it was not him. They started to sniff around. Soon, Buddy found a sent! It was another wolf. His name was nightmare. He hunts wolfs. It’s said he killed his own mother. But why did he leave a died rabbit in there? Who knows. (Hope you guys enjoyed!) Part 2 Nightmare walked around, with a creepy smile on his face. Shelia was watching. She had a pup too. Nightmare came running towards her. He bite her tail. Soon, she died. The pup was next. Nightmare was hungry...


I absolutely loved this game at first, but when I purchased the game WolfQuest, I played it much less. Now that I look back on it, I feel like there should be a multiplayer, and you should not be able to tint your skins to unrealistic colors. I feel like there should be an eye color changer, as well as a somewhat wider range of colors, like a non-level-60 black and white, or a smoky grey, maybe some patchy or solid colors. I feel like the blood-on mode should be more realistic for older players, the pups should not look like stuffed animals, and the game should be modeled after wolfquest, with less ridiculous power ups and howls/growls, a scent-trail mode, wider terrain, no... well... an evil deer? Your wolf should slow down as it runs more, and it would have to lay down to regain strength. There should be interactive things, like playbow emotes, where another pack member may respond with a tail wag or by rolling over. It should be harder to bring down prey, it should be a pack effort to bring down deer and larger animals, and it should be very hard to kill bears, crocodiles, etc. Prey should only stop running if it gets tired, but you can bite it as you run. This is all I have to say. Thanks for the game.

Plz get back to me

I love this game so much but how do u get pups? Also I love that u can customize the wolf and that it’s really realistic :) thx for reading


It was horrible I payed 99 cents thinking that it would be as good as the others but the map is horrible you have to literally climb and find a way to get to the ice and there’s no water over there so you die of dehydration before you can even try to enjoy the place y’all need to fix this and fast

Good but...

Okay, to start off good game, but it does get boring after a while. But no need to worry about that, this game is entertaining at first. But it is vary boring after this list of things. To start off... #1. After you explore everywhere it’s not fun #2. The wolves in the cave are to hard to fight #3.Not that much prey, and it’s way to hard to find - Thank you for reading! 🙂


This game is really hard for kids out there wen I found a mate there was always another wolf which made it harder for me! But wen you get the hang of it it's really fun!

Falling into the floor

I love the game and all but when I jump somewhere high I fall though the ground

Can y’all make a ultimate animal?

I love your games but I was thinking all of the games can be mashed together and make this one huge game,Diffrent landscapes, Like farm, forest , Artic , savanna, exc. Like with each animal you have different breeds of species you unlock like if your a dog then you have to unlock mastiffs, dachounds ,like with caines,foragers,bears,reptiles, exc. Can y’all please add those? I’d love to play it! Good luck with your company,byeee

I need help

Can anyone tell me where the den is also I love this game


Please update the other games to work with the new updates, it’s a little annoying that we buy em and can’t play em.

Great simulator!

I love wolves, and my sister recommended this wolf simulator. It’s awesome! 😁 It’s just like life as a wolf is in real life! You can easily find a great den with a waterfall right by it. I love exploring the forest and finding some tasty meat. I love being a wolf, because I’ve always wanted to be one! This simulator is realistic and fun. If you’re looking for a great wolf simulator, I would recommend this one.

More Suggestion for the game😊 (Again)

Hello it’s me again, I just wanted to say more suggestion. First, if you wanted the game be realistic then the pup will have to be newborn what I mean is, so the newborn pup can’t walk it can just crawl, it’s eyes are closed, and it drinks milk from it’s mother than just eating meat right away. (And that’s all I have for now I know it’s short but I will continue the story). Story Time!!! Shadow didn’t say anything. The Dire wolf then spoke again “Then I will find out myself...” He jumps down to see a pup right by Whisper. “Ahh... I see it’s your pup...”, “Why don’t you bring your pup to me”. Shadow finally spoke to the Dire wolf “Why would I just lend you our pup”, The Dire wolf glared at Shadow “Then I will have to kill Whisper”. Shadow suddenly was shocked “No! Don’t!” The Dire wolf narrowed his eyes “Then give me your pup or don’t...”, Shadow was furious “I will think about it now leave!”. The Dire wolf walked away but the turned his head at Shadow “Why don’t you come back to my pack it’s full of strong wolves like you...”, Shadow glared at him “I don’t need to go to your pack I am, already strong then I am so leave!” The Dire wolf looked at Shadow one more time and walked away in the fog. Shadow went back down to sleep with Whisper and his pup. (To Be Continue) (And if you didn’t see the beginning of the story try to find it! 😋).

Ok I like this game but I got one idea

Ok goood game but it would be awesome if u could make a like warrior cat game I’ve beeen loooking for years but a spud then also another idea u should make like a multi animal one with otters and Fish and ooo a monkey then a little blue jay


I’m so confused how do u start a pack how do they pups

Like it but...

It’s rlly an awesome game but I can’t figure out how to start a pack and sometimes when I jump the land lags. But rlly an awesome game. Maybe you could buy wolves with gems for your pack or earn them? Thanks.

Needs some fixes

I really love this game, But I'v been seeing the new ones you've been making. Like the farm animals, when i play that game the wolves look so real! Maybe you could make a new wolf game like you did with the stray dog, and cat. Please make the wolves and environment more realistic. вy Madeleine Rogers😘💪💋

Please make less complex

One, the graphics need some working on and two why is it so complex, also I can’t find anything to hunt. It also should be more of an open world than it is.


I love this game so much!!! I think you should make a Pet Simulator though... but enough of that. This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

This app is great

This game is exciting the rag doll physics is entertaining. The graphics are amazing. All in all this is a great game. I suggest an ultimate squirrel simulator. Just think about.🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿


Just a bad game. Cheaply made garbage, probably bots icing good reviews.

No changes👍🏻

I LOVE this game!! I don’t think there should be a change at all.but I do think they should change the levels to have pups like level 5. And I don’t rlly like that you should have to wait 14 minutes for it to be born. Plz upgrade. Thanks!😋

Wow 😃

Honestly, this is amazing! When I first got this game it was so hard without a mate! But now I have 4 mates, Shredder, Polo, Ellie, and Ivy, and my favorite is Emily witch right now is level, 57! I’ve been playing this for one year now. Keep up the good work, and keep on making more, and more 😄

Best wolf game ever!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Ok, this game is probably one of the most if not the most played game on my phone. Once you get into it, it becomes a completely different game that you thought when you purchased the game. One thing I wish that they would add is more boss battles and some more animals. A bit more customization to the wolves would be nice too. I do wish this game was free but then in app purchases would be needed and I wouldn’t play it anymore most likely. Overall this game is AMAZING!!!! Listen if you do not have this game buy it. It may not seem worth it ( to a crazy person) but trust me you won’t regret it! It’s a small price to pay for this amazing app!


Well I just got it, but it is as good as all the other gluten free games. Meaning I love it

Amazing, but maybe....

I love this game but here are some features to make it even better: 1) when it’s raining, the wolves are “wet” eg; slicked back coats, shiny, fur spiked a bit on belly 2) when you go in water wolves are also wet and when they get out they shake themselves and water flies off 3) snowing= little clumps of white sticking to fur 4) seasons, which influence whether it is raining, snowing, or falling leaves. 5) more sprites, (rarely) animal disabilities (eg; blurry screen for sight problems, or muffled sound for hearing problems).

Doesn’t fit screen on iPhone X but I really love this game

I really really love this game, can you make it compatible with iPhone X plz?

So awesome!

This is so awesome! And it isn’t just running around and killing things this is how the pack starts! First buy the game Your a lone wolf at the start you fight for prey as you get used to it You leveled up and somehow found a den You look around and find a wolf you like and you howl three times and they are part of pack You reach Level 15 when breed and your member just became your wife And you have a pup then you bring food to the den and let your wolfs eat You find a larger den because your having more than one pup You reach level 25 that’s when it gets harder and harder ( wolf life is hard so basically the hard part is Normal) Then you have two pups wandering around! Level 35 you get older Your first pup is a teen and learns to hunt and swim and stuff You have a third pup who is deaf and blind like the other pups when they were first born ( that’s a fact ) And your pups leave if you want them to live their life my kicking them out of the clan or they have family that stays Then level 45 have two pups and one teen running around and wandering out of your den ( get it’s harder and harder and harder) but your adult used to be your pup helps you! 55 one another teen running around The Place and you get bored But you didn’t forget that you have a family to take care of! You get out of yo good old den and look for prey super fast And you get some prey and your whole family eats Also if your mad get off the app or your device you might madly delete the game and your whole family! Add these things Can make plans with your wolf like you go there and go over here so you can back me up when I’m low health When your not hungry you legit don’t have to eat so your other wolfs can like they eat what you catched if your hungry join in! Able to dig and bury And can you show us the wolf breeding?? Howl is great but when you howl all the wolfs that howl with you tele to you if you get lost and need help with a bear or some big thing you can’t fight alone Add more graphics ( might help ) Make it that you can actually talk with your wolfs like your wife A: hey B: hello C: insert a thing here Make it that we can control our genes like say I want a pup to have blue eyes without changing them and some thing would say “change eye color in something days” like my pups have blue eyes when they are newborn the auto thing makes the eyes auto orange when they are a teen the adult red

Great game!

There is just 1 problem... IT DOESNT SAY HOW TO GET PUPS!!! I have multiple wolves but no pups

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